A bright week hosting two shadows


10-07-2017 08:07:31

A bright week hosting two shadows

Last month, Mach Media opened its doors to two pupils of AIS (Antwerp International School) – Heeya and Tara. The girls spent one week learning about the myriad work done by our company as they shadowed different people on our team. AIS is a client of Mach Media and we were delighted to have the opportunity to help their students get an inside view of our industry. From inspiring interactive meetings down to the nitty-gritty of important, everyday assignments, the two ‘shadows’ gained educational snippets on different roles and tasks within our boutique agency. When the week was up, we asked them both about their experience.

MM: Why did you choose Mach Media for doing job shadowing?

Heeya: I was looking for a company that offered graphic design and/or coding, and Mach Media provides both.
Tara: Our school suggested Mach Media because I wanted to spend time at a company within the marketing sector.

MM: Had you done job shadowing prior to your experience at Mach Media?

Heeya: No. This was my first time.
Tara: Yes, once at a real estate company in Rotterdam, and once at YSL beauty (B2C Marketing).

MM: Tara, how did your experience at Mach Media compare to your previous ones?

Tara: They were different and cannot be compared. Real estate has nothing to do with Mach Media and YSL was more glamorous and they had a different audience they had to reach. They were selling their own products and not helping another company.

MM: Describe how you felt during your short time within our company

Heeya: Excited and interested; inspired, sometimes a little bored.
Tara: Really happy to do the things more directly related to marketing.

MM: Did you learn any specific tips or tricks, or gain any additional skills or industry knowledge from our team members?

Heeya: I learned various things including:

  • not to use anything that’s not yours for advertising without permission
  • the importance of making a client feel welcome and developing good relations with them
  • how to work with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and the differences between them and Photoshop
  • how to work with Notebook++
  • web marketing with emailR
  • that there are two types of articles; internal and external, and the differences between them
  • the importance of having a rough video before you go full out and make the final video so the work put into making the final video doesn’t go to waste if the company doesn’t like it and wants to change things
  • how working on a big project takes time and it’s important to start out small and gradually grow instead of jumping to the big idea right away
  • the importance of meeting your clients’ expectations and listening to them because “the client is always right”; but also that it is possible to give them suggestions and tell them if something won’t work or suggest something else if you have knowledge of the topic being discussed.

Tara: I mostly gained some general industry knowledge and a good feel for how it is to work in a professional environment.

MM: What were the highlights of your week?

Heeya: Shadowing the Creative Director, Mike, and the Digital Project Manager, Aidan as those two opportunities were most relevant to my interests.
Tara: I really enjoyed the meetings. I learned a lot attending those.

MM: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your job shadowing experience at Mach Media?

Heeya: It was a pleasure and a great opportunity to have this unique experience at Mach Media as there are a variety of jobs here. The employees come from various places around the world, and are all very kind and welcoming. I was able to get a sense of what the company does and learn many things about different jobs when shadowing employees. Attending some of the meetings was also a great experience, as I observed how people around the world communicated and negotiated to solve issues, suggesting different ideas and coming to an agreement on what to do. I also got to see how products and outcomes are achieved with many little but important steps and processes. The company isn’t that big, which is nice because everybody knows each other and they’re all close, and I had met everyone by the second day.
Tara: I want to thank you for having me. I really enjoyed the week with the Mach Media team and the way I got welcomed. I immediately felt comfortable and happy to be there. I learned a lot!