Tips for Successful Targeting on LinkedIn


04-05-2016 12:05:13

Tips for Successful Targeting on LinkedIn

With more than 400 million LinkedIn users in over 200 countries and territories, the social network has become the sales powerhouse for businesses in the B2B segment.  
And thanks to LinkedIn advertising’s biggest advantage - targeting - you can be highly specific with who and how you target.

What’s the Difference? Sponsored Content v. LinkedIn Ads

There are two types of ads you can create on LinkedIn: Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads appear as traditional side-bar ads – think Google’s AdWords – whereas Sponsored Content works by paying for one of your Company Updates from your Company Page to be displayed on the feeds of targeted users that do not already follow your business.

After choosing your ad type, you can choose who you want to target, and how long you wish to run your ad campaign for.

Who Can I Target?

Everything from company size, title, industry and geographic targeting is at your disposal.
With all of the data LinkedIn has available, this part should be easy. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Nailing this may call for some tactics that can be counterintuitive.

Tips & Hints

-   Keep your targeting lists brief. By building an exhaustive targeting list, you can risk significantly diluting your targeting in the process. Keep your target list as short as possible, and use LinkedIn’s audience expansion feature instead.

-   Be exclusive. By utilizing the ‘exclude’ option on LinkedIn, you are able to get in front of an even narrower audience and avoid overlap with unwanted audiences.
      Pro-tip: You can also, in many cases, get cheaper clicks by using exclusions, because you’re targeting audience segments which are less competitive.

-   Use images. Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text¹, so enhance your ads with images. Pick something that draws the eye; generally, photos of people perform better. Try to make it relevant to the text, and avoid stock photos where possible. Due to the small size of the display image, it’s wise to avoid complex graphics.
      Pro tip: LinkedIn research has found that female faces are the most effective visuals to use in paid ads on the network.²

-   Write a catchy headline. It’s got to be short, so use something punchy. Using the title of the people you’re targeting can be very effective.

-   Have a Call to Action. One of the best options is to direct visitors to a landing page developed and tailored for LinkedIn members; don’t just take visitors to your homepage.

Ultimately, when it comes to B2B marketing and building brand awareness within an engaged business community, there really is no better platform than LinkedIn. Audiences on LinkedIn are not only active, but also interested and willing to be marketed to. Spending some of your marketing budget on advertising on LinkedIn is worth your investment.

By Kiva Dykstra, Project Manager