How to Start Creating an Animation to Tell an Authentic Brand Story


12-10-2016 17:10:28

How to Start Creating an Animation to Tell an Authentic Brand Story

Successfully seeing an animation through from beginning to completion means that as a creative facilitator, you have to be aware of how to do two things:

•    Identify the key message the viewer needs to retain after watching the animation; and,
•    Convey this message through storytelling in a way that is to-the-point and understandable in the various phases: scripting, storyboarding, sound, and style.

To make sure your process runs smoothly, here are some helpful tips to build a strong foundation.

1. The first question to ask yourself is "What is the message people should carry over from watching this animation?"
    Do you want them to remember what makes your business the best in terms of employee benefits? Or perhaps, you would like people to know why meditation is the best tool for increasing work productivity. 
     It doesn't matter what it is, but once you have identified your core message, you have a base reference for scripting and building the foundation of your animation.

2. A script can make or break an animation, so make sure it's to-the-point, conveys the core message and is understandable and relatable. 
    To be relatable, you have to be aware of your target audience. 
    For example, if you want to sell the message that people should stand at their desks while working, you would tell them a story in a relatable way showcasing the benefits they gain from doing so, using layman's terms. 
    You would NOT go into a whole scientific data argument throwing out numbers and fancy medical lingo. Why? Because your target audience is the normal working person, not the scientific community.

3. Another important tip for helping the team actually producing the animation is to minimize feedback to ONE consolidated voice. 
    This is especially vital when there are various players involved in one animation. People tend to get tempted to throw in edits here and there, irrespective of timelines. 
    Before this gets out of hand, if you are the creative facilitator or project manager, make sure to firmly lay down the importance of one consolidated feedback voice. 
    This way you avoid going through more than 3 versions of script or storyboard.

Although this may seem like quite a bit to think about, familiarizing yourself with and using these guiding tips when beginning any animation will help you to facilitate the creative process smoothly, and ultimately reach a fantastic product.

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By Natalia Romuzga, Senior Project Manager