Human-Centered Design


28-10-2016 09:10:16

Human-Centered Design

Solve: We solve our client’s greatest challenges. We lead our clients through a structured innovation process to generate powerful insights, disruptive ideas and smart strategies. We design solutions that improve product and service performance, increase brand value, and grow market share. Our goal is to remove barriers that stand in the way of our clients' success.

Educate: We challenge our clients to think differently. Through personal coaching, workshops and hands-on experience, we encourage our client to go beyond their everyday potential and reach for the extraordinary. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to tap into their own sense of greatness - a realization where one absolutely knows there is no problem too big and no idea too grand that it cannot be overcome or conquered.

Design: By nature we are tinkerers, problem solvers and inventors. We love to dream up new products. We are constantly looking around the corner for the next big idea. We collaborate with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, technologists and some really street-smart individuals to create new and disruptive ideas. Our goal is to improve every day life and make the world a better place where everyone can thrive.

Empower: We initiate opportunities for positive social change. At our core, we are social entrepreneurs. Doing well (financial) and doing good (social) are fundamental components of the way we think and how we act. We have developed two different strategies: 

The first strategy is integrating social impact programs into the culture of an organization. Nowadays, profitability alone is insufficient in satisfying customers, employees and investors. The demand for companies to produce positive social impact is increasing. The latest research proves that 47% of millennials say, “The purpose of business is to improve society and protect the environment.”

The second strategy is creating a global network of community-based, social impact hubs or events around a specific social challenge. The goal is to use our design model as a framework to establish common ground and a collaborative environment that fosters positive change within our community and the world.

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