Kim Bratanata joins Mach Media US Team


11-01-2017 10:01:44

Kim Bratanata joins Mach Media US Team

Name: Kim Bratanata
Function: Consultant
Native language: English & Dutch
City: Orlando, Florida

When I left agency life ten years ago to work in-house, part of me always knew I’d be back one day. There’s something special and invigorating about diving in and out of different industries, markets and business needs. The agency world’s fast pace and diverse activity certainly groomed me well for what was to come.

I spent nearly a decade at SWIFT, the financial services cooperative, where I started out as a press officer, moving into marketing communications, and eventually digital media. The experience I gained there has been invaluable. It opened up my eyes to a world I had no idea about at all, and opened up the world to my wanderlusting self.

After all, Sibos, SWIFT’s flagship event, takes place all over the world – from Osaka to Dubai to Amsterdam and Boston – and I was lucky to have been part of the crew seeing its workings from the inside out, from the press lounge to the exhibition floor, art gallery and keynote events.

Eventually, my personal life carried me across the Atlantic to settle down in Orlando, Florida. I joined a local digital marketing agency, which put me back in the groove of agency life and presented me with a different view on how new technologies and tools are changing the media and marketing landscape.

From the few weeks that I’ve been with Mach Media, I am already awed by their mature, structured approach to doing business; their creative, engaging and professional way of giving clients personalized service; and the warm, friendly team spirit that is palpable even from my home office in sunny central Florida.

In my role as a Consultant, I will look after clients and help them develop marketing communication strategies, digital media roadmaps; and valuable, creative content that will help their brand become a thought leader. I look forward to working closely with the amazing team at Mach Media – on both sides of the Atlantic – to create creative, clear and consistent content that will resonate for our clients’ internal and external stakeholders alike. 

By Kim Bratanata, Consultant