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Colleen Jolly joins Mach Media US Team

Colleen Jolly joins Mach Media US Team

Name: Colleen Jolly

Function: Senior Consultant

Native Language: English

City: Washington, D.C.

I started working in a small, visual communications firm – 24 Hour Company – as an intern the day before I started classes at Georgetown University. Less than a year after my undergrad graduation, I was offered part ownership in the same company. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, I spent 18 years supporting mostly government contractors in the fast-paced world of multi-billion dollar proposals, bids and presentations.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on visual communications, training, marketing (traditional and digital), event management and sales (B2G, B2B, and B2C) across several industries and countries with a deep expertise in the US, UK, and Australia. During that time, I also was highly involved with the bid/proposal industry’s governing association and sat on the local chapter and international board. I was the youngest CEO ever to serve and the youngest to win the “Fellow” award – the association’s highest honor.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and was Managing Director of the UK-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of 24 Hour Company (aptly named 24 Hour Company UK LTD) for seven years, traveling back and forth regularly between D.C. and London. I also currently run an annual, fitness event for ~750 people; am a fitness instructor competing/performing at the professional level; and previously owned my own fitness studio. I am a regular author, public speaker, and philanthropist supporting mostly arts causes that include serving on the board of a local arts workshop for seven years and as a docent for the now closed Corcoran Gallery of Art for 10 years.

Everyone at Mach Media has welcomed me with open arms. I’m impressed by the dedication not only to the work product and client service, but also to each other.

As a Senior Consultant, I bring a broad and diverse understanding of how to communicate effectively using the most appropriate methods and channels in today’s changing, digital landscape. I look forward to working with my new colleagues at Mach Media to holistically serve our clients with comprehensive and innovative strategies.