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Need temp comms support? Try in-sourcing, so your business doesn’t skip a beat

Need temp comms support? Try in-sourcing, so your business doesn’t skip a beat

Life happens. A key member of your marketing/communications team needs to take a short leave of absence. Should you place an ad on LinkedIn, your company website, or turn to a temp agency?

There is another solution for hiring an efficient temp. Try your trusted marketing/communications partner for possible in-sourcing of a competent resource. This is an especially attractive option if your company or organization has a long-standing relationship with a well-reputed agency that has already delivered on projects for you.

Some benefits of in-sourcing directly from a trusted communications partner include:

• Familiarity with your company culture and values, making the transition of the temp into the company smoother.

• Since the agency has already worked on projects for your company, they should also be familiar with your brand guidelines and target audiences.

• Plus, they come with an entire agency support team backing them up, including  designers, project managers, consultants and strategic advisors who know the client and can offer extra task support to increase workflow efficiency.

There’s never a good reason for novice temporary support to be managing your marketing/communications business. While your own resource is away, you can take comfort in knowing that professionals are executing your strategy with care and that your business continues to thrive without skipping a beat.

At Mach Media, we have successfully in-sourced employees for communications and marketing postitions for clients such as Solvay, Eastman, and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). If you’d like to learn more or are in need of a marketing/communications temp, please get in touch with us today!