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Writing for business isn’t just putting words to paper – it’s about delivering your message in an influential way that is easy to understand for different readers at different levels.

In our international business writing workshop, you will learn a process for taking your ideas and creating efficient and effective business correspondence based on solid writing basics. You will learn how to get your message across clearly and concisely across discrete types and lengths of materials. Practice these techniques, focusing on providing reader benefits and clear take-aways, in short exercises. Learn best practices for editing through proof-reading pre-written content and collaborating with your peers.

We’ll use both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as our primary software packages for document creation, making use of outlining and style tools to best develop consistent materials that can be efficiently reused.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply best practices for grammar, use active voice, and create headlines to attract attention
  • How to construct organized paragraphs that include topic sentences, supporting information and details, and transition phrases
  • Write effective correspondence including newsletters, emails, memos, letters, reports, and more!
  • How to edit documents for consistency and quality
  • What types of information to include and when, depending on reader and document type/length
  • How to keep content new and fresh
  • How to leverage the power of personal storytelling in a business context
  • How to use journalism techniques to ask better questions and get higher quality answers.

In this workshop, you’ll practice:

  • Writing different types of business correspondence for different readers
  • Editing pre-written content for consistency, active voice, and single voice
  • Balancing speed and quality, leveraging pre-written content.

After the workshop, you’ll receive a best practice “cheat sheet” to help you remember and apply what you learned.


Format: Interactive Workshop

Target Audience:  Any business people, no prior knowledge needed

Duration of training: 8-16 hours

Minimum number of attendees: 5

Maximum number of attendees: 20

Setting: Classroom preferred, can be adapted for virtual/webinar-based

Advanced preparations for attendee: Laptops with MS Word software

Required quipment:  White board or flip chart and easel, projector for instructor to connect laptop to

Post-training materials: A cheat sheet with key learnings


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