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Umicore has over thirteen different business units all over the world. Over time, these business units began using and creating digital assets for presentations, sales offers, marketing ads, etc., without the validation of HQ. At a certain point, there was no alignment anymore between the corporate identity and the business units.


For all strategic initiatives, Mach Media implements the IMAP steps to find a solution for our clients’ challenges.

Mach Media proposed an integrated a digital platform where people could upload and download digital assets that have been validated by the marketing department of Umicore.

Mach Media accomplished this task with through the following steps:

  • Focus groups with relevant stakeholders to identify key functionalities
  • Mapping the current digital assets that were spread out over 13 business units
  • Extensive audit of 20 + different DAP (Digital Asset Platforms) via demo, online research, white papers and video tutorials
  • Content migration + collaborating with supplier on technical deployment
  • Training of end-users and providing ongoing support

The result was that over 8000 people worldwide have access to a system to download and upload brand unified assets into the digital platform called Asset Bank.

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