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“We know that the profitable growth of our company depends on the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of our communities across the world. And we know it is in our best interests to contribute to the sustainability of those communities.”
Travis Engen

In today’s disruptive and innovative environment, Sustainability practices and CSR are smart business.  Companies who tap into of the values of their employees, the communities around them and their stakeholders at large, are companies who move beyond CSR into overall Sustainable business practices.  These Social Innovation opportunities often lead to new development ideas, new business, increased profits and optimized employee and stakeholder satisfaction.



In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How CSR and Sustainability equate to intelligent business practices
  • Best-in-class examples of CSR – putting philanthropy to work
  • Case studies around Sustainability – do good at doing good
  • Tips for getting started with CSR and whom to involve as stakeholders



Type of Workshop: Interactive/Presentation/Webinar/One-to-one

Target Audience:  Professionals at any level

Duration of training: 2 hours

Minimum number of attendees: 1

Maximum number of attendees: N/A

Setting: Any

Advanced preparations for attendees: None

Required equipment:  Laptop, projector if classroom

Post-training materials?  PowerPoint Slide-deck of tips


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