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To communicate effectively in English for business and successfully get your message across to your audience, it is important to clearly articulate your words and to connect emotionally with your audience.

Part 1: Diction

  • Theory followed by tailored practical written and spoken exercises on:
    • The speech sound system and speech production with a focus on consonants to help make your message better understood

Part 2: Interpretative delivery

  • Theory followed by tailored practical written and spoken exercises on:
    • Linguistic and emotional aspects of speech to help make your delivery more impactful



During this course, you’ll learn:

  • Clear diction
  • Correct intonation
  • Strong vocal projection
  • Dramatic vocal expression
  • Engaging facial expression


During this course, you’ll practice:

  • Using the different articulators to produce consonants effectively
  • Expressing different emotions through text
  • Expressing different emotions through visual expression when silent



Format: One-on-one Interactive Workshop

Target Audience: Native and non-native English business speakers who would like to improve their spoken communication skills in English

Minimum number of attendees: 1

Maximum number of attendees: 1

Setting: Ideally classroom, but virtual training is possible

Advanced preparations for attendees: None

Required equipment: None


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