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For those looking for digital branding training or lead advertising courses, this is the professional development session for you. At the end of the workshop, you will leave the room with an increased confidence that will enable you to speak knowledgably about digital advertising together with a solid understanding of its fast-moving nature.

This half-day workshop is created for anyone who’d like an intro to digital advertising, including designers new to working in digital formats or marketers who’d like a better understanding of the possibilities. By using real-time examples, participants will be able to grasp the full potential of digital advertising on two major platforms: Facebook and Google Adwords.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to set-up a basic Facebook ad campaign
  • How to set-up a basic Google ad campaign
  • How to create trackable UTM codes for tracking
  • How to determine the ideal ad settings for your target audience

In this workshop, you’ll practice:

  • Creating custom UTM codes linked to Google Analytics
  • Creating from scratch a new lead campaign ad in Facebook
  • Creating from scratch a new textual ad campaign in Google Adwords



Format: Interactive Workshop

Target Audience: Digital marketers, web developers, communication managers

Duration of training: 4 hours

Minimum number of attendees: 1

Maximum number of attendees:

Setting: Classroom

Advanced preparations for attendee(s): None

Required equipment: None

Post-training materials? A list of useful links and books to buy on the subject


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