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Raise your business listing rankings in search results with this hands-on, half-day course. Avoid making common mistakes while learning practical skills you can apply immediately. If you want to understand the basic SEO techniques then this is the fastest way to do so.

This course is designed for SEO beginners who want to have a better understanding of current SEO techniques to help raise the rank of any website. During this half-day course, we will use real-time examples of websites and asses their SEO performance.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify outdated SEO Techniques
  • How to assess the SEO potential of any given website
  • How to implement actual SEO techniques
  • What the future for SEO entails

In this workshop, you’ll practice:

  • Analyzing SEO metrics and provide recommendations
  • The assessment of SEO implementations



Format: Presentation 

Target Audience: Digital marketers, communication managers, web developers and copywriters.

Duration of training: 4 hrs

Minimum number of attendees: 1

Maximum number of attendees: 6

Setting: Classroom, virtual

Advanced preparations for attendee(s): None

Required equipment: Flip chart, AV, television to connect laptop

Post-training materials: Useful links and books on the subject


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