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Mar 22, 2019

Storytelling Like an American

Nothing beats speaking as part of a panel on the 38th floor in midtown Manhattan, overlooking the Empire State Building, with a beautifully clear evening outside as your backdrop. Except maybe a selection of a few craft Belgian beers that you can’t buy anywhere in the US, I suppose. That was the setting for the [...]

Mar 19, 2019

You need crisis communications before you have a crisis

At the most basic level, a crisis is anything that happens in your business—or in some cases to your business—that you don’t control. We spoke with Nick Mitsis, a senior crisis communications expert with more than ten years of experience helping businesses large and small strategize how to handle a crisis—internal or external—before they actually [...]

Mar 1, 2019

Recipes for Success: Asian Spiced Rice & Coconut Curry

by Astrid Benoit Growing up in Asia meant we usually ate Asian food for dinner. My mother loved cooking and discovering new recipes, which she would then share with the family. This means that our traditional family recipes have a lot of Asian influence in them, despite our Belgian origins. These two recipes are memories […]

Feb 15, 2019

Savvy Speaking

Speaking—especially in your non-native language—can be tough. Add in the pressures of an audience (face-to-face or even digital ) and the need to be perfect, and you’ve got a situation that can put even the most seasoned business people ill at ease. Like many skills, speaking in public or in front of a camera is […]