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Archives: News

Jun 7, 2015

Mach Media Expands U.S. Client Base

Mach Media’s U.S. office is pleased to announce four new client signings. These valued customers are all leaders in their industries and we look forward to growing together as we expand their media presence and increase brand recognition. Mach Media will provide a mix of marketing, PR, communications, branding and social media services to the […]

Jun 6, 2015

Don’t Overlook Speaking Opportunities

Speaking opportunities can be hard to come by. There is a lot of competition for a limited number of slots. The required abstracts can be quite long and detailed and are often due 6 months (or longer) before the event. In addition, events come and go and are difficult to track. Add to this that […]

Jun 4, 2015

How Relevant Are Press Releases?

Press releases used to be a cornerstone of any PR strategy. But today they are similar to a fax machine. In other words, not unheard of, but certainly anachronistic. At least they are for many PR professionals. I spend a good deal of my time speaking to companies about their needs for PR and marketing. […]

Jun 3, 2015

Belgian Chocolate & Japanese Plum Wine?

Washington D.C. is a great place for happy hour. Multiple bars and restaurants and thousands of eager young professionals looking for food & drinks tend to make for a fun night. But Mach Media no doubt set a first for D.C. happy hour by combining elements of Belgian and Japanese culture into one exciting event. We […]