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Creativity on Demand: Injecting Creativity into Business Teams – For business people who need to motivate teams and inject creativity into their work.

Are you stuck in a rut doing the same things over and over again? Watching your team disengage or worse – nod off meetings? Have trouble coming up with new and innovative solutions to motivate yourself, your team, or even your clients? You’re not alone. Learn strategies to harness your creative spark and build your creative confidence. Then learn how to infuse your team with the same inspired energy to produce innovative, quality material and successful, productive meetings. Develop practical tactics to maintain a creative process in spite of pressing deadlines or stressful situations that you can use during your next meeting or strategy session.

This training starts with basic ground rules and how to define “creativity” in a business context. Then it focuses on different ways to practice creativity so that like a muscle, it’s there when you need it—on demand. Exercises and techniques provided are for in-person as well as virtual teams and are divided into activities to do individually and as part of a group in both physical and digital settings to cover all possible ways modern business people need to engage (and re-engage) their creative spark.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to break out of old patterns and inject creativity into team-building, management styles, and strategy sessions
  • How to conduct creativity drills (games!) designed to shake up thinking patterns and provide break through insights into common management and team building problems
  • How to instantly be creative individually or as part of team
  • How to develop strategies to de-stress and create space for creativity to flourish
  • How to manage team-building exercises to keep new and existing teams motivated and productive.

In this workshop, you’ll practice:

  • Tracking metrics and developing a baseline time estimate for creating any project
  • Developing file folder structures to speed project creation
  • Creating documented process for all common practices.

After the workshop, you’ll receive a best practice “cheat sheet” to help you remember and apply what you learned.


Format: Interactive Workshop

Target Audience:  Any business people, no prior knowledge needed

Duration of training: 1-2 hours

Minimum number of attendees: 5

Maximum number of attendees: 20

Setting: Classroom preferred, can be adapted for virtual/webinar-based

Advanced attendee preparations: Pen and paper

Required equipment: Projector for instructor to connect laptop to

Post-training materials: A cheat sheet of key learnings


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