Christophe Ginisty

European Digital Evangelist

Social media intelligence | Translation of online conversations into actionable insights | In-depth audience profiling and analysis: socio demographic insights in order to understand what people are thinking, willing, expecting | Reputation management expert


I consider myself a multifaceted professional in the digital realm. A pioneer in social media intelligence and strategies, I have lead initiatives to define and execute social media strategies for the European market.

Working alongside EU institutions, I have advised on the development and implementation of reputation and digital strategies. In addition, I have created a Social Media Intelligence practice and expertise to help clients gather insightful data from online conversations.

As an expert in producing studies and analyses based on online conversations monitoring, I lead multilingual teams specializing in public opinion and influence strategies and have created, organized, and been a key speaker at reputation management conferences.

I have also created and developed a series of international conferences about the challenges of reputation management in the digital age.