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Social Media has become the new digital front door for many customers, rather than a company’s own website. All social media teams and brand ambassadors must understand how best to use social media to promote the company; elevate the brand; and handle specific themes, topics and sensitive issues. Everyone should know what they are and are not allowed to share on social media to avoid social media mistakes that could easily blow up to become a PR nightmare.

If you are a brand ambassador for your company, whether you’re a media spokesperson, a social media representative or a relationship manager, having a professional presence on social media can boost your and your brand’s visibility and reputation.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How social media fits in with the wider business communications plans of your brand
  • How to adapt brand key messages for social media conversations
  • General best practices relating to posting frequency, style, timing, format and engagement
  • Channel-specific best practices and tips

In this workshop, you’ll practice:

  • How to efficiently manage social media accounts
  • How to curate thought leadership content
  • How to create content that is both relevant to your brand and valuable to your audience
  • How to effectively and positively engage online with others



Format: Interactive Workshop

Target Audience: Brand ambassadors within a company who have a public-facing role

Duration of training: 2 hrs

Minimum number of attendees: 4

Maximum number of attendees: 20

Setting: Classroom and virtual

Advanced preparations for attendee(s)? Laptop

Required equipment: Laptop, if classroom: projector, clicker/laser pointer

Post-training materials? Best practices one-pager, PDF of slides


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