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The art of storytelling dates back to early man – capturing the attention of audiences by employing conflict, adventure and pathos. This workshop explores why and how to use storytelling as an effective management tool to engage teams.

If your ambition is to rollout a new strategy, embark on a change management initiative or mobilize teams to action, this communication workshop is a must.



In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The components of a good story
  • How and when strategic storytelling can be effective
  • How to crystallize key messages, themes and purpose

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • use the dramatic arc of Star Wars to effectively communicate your strategy
  • connect with your audience through personal storytelling
  • develop an engaging story that underscores your message and motivates audiences to follow your lead and/or example



Format: Interactive Workshop

Target Audience: C-Suite and Managers

Duration of training: 2.5 hours

Minimum number of attendees: 1

Maximum number of attendees: 3 (but in the same dept. or with the same objectives)

Setting: Classroom and/or virtual

Advanced preparations for attendee(s)? An objective (what do we need to communicate/transform into an engaging story)

Required Equipment: Projector & Screen or videoconferencing capability (camera/audio and ability to log into Zoom or the company’s own videoconference solution)

Post-training materials: A draft “strategy story” based on their inputs

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